About Us

We are licensed by New York State and US Fish and Wildlife to rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife. Our goal is to get the animals back into the wild healthy as soon as possible.

Meet Our Volunteer Members

Our group came together out of pure necessity, we are dedicated liscenced rehabbers who live all over Niagara county and share a portion of our homes with orphaned and injured wildlife. Each member has a special place in there heart for helping those that cannot help themselves.Animal Caging

We are not funded by anyone and all expenses are paid out of our own pockets. Every year proves to be costly to us. We care for mammals, birds and reptiles.

Mammals require bottle feeding and longer care, bird require expensive vet bills and pricey food. Special formulas are needed and Veterinary bills are expensive for all without community support it would be very dificult to save as many lives as this group of dedicated volunteers does every year.

Our group also has licensed Rabies Vector Rehabilitators. The RVS must obtain a special license and get inspected to enable them to care for animals that may carry rabies (raccoons, bats, fox and skunks).

Caring for OrphansWe spend our summers running from one rescue to the next and fitting in a public event when ever possible. Human intervention with animals would not be as needed if animals were not losing there habitate at an alarming rate due to urban sprawl. Our public events give us the opportunity to educate the public on the presence of wildlife in back yards and how we should or should not react.

Over half the orphans we get in the spring are from human intervention thinking they are doing the right thing and grabbing any baby animals they see outside. Most times babies need to be left alone so the parents can care for them. If you find wild animals outside please call a rehabber before you touch any animals for your safety as well as theirs.


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