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Wild Kritters of Niagara County is a non-profit group of State & Federally licensed volunteers. Our mission is to help wildlife in Niagara County that have been orphaned or injured and are in distress. We care for and raise the animals to be released back to the wild as quickly as possible.

We attend several events throughout the year to educate the community on how to deal with wild animals in different situations that may arise. We do these events free of charge. We do accept donations and appreciate any help we receive because it helps us pay for medical care, medications, specialized food, caging, supplies and more!

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Icy Rescue

Kathleen Godwin was enjoying an unexpected Friday morning off at her Ransomville waterfront home when she glanced out the window and noticed what appeared to be a duck . . . Read more >>

Unexpected Visitor

It was another cold day in January when the phone rang. There was a nice lady on the other end explaining that she thought she had a squirrel trapped in the vent going into . . . Read more >>

Red Hawk Down

For several years, the residents on Dickersonville Road watched a mated pair of red tail hawks peacefully soaring in the sky, hunting in the fields, and never bothering . . . Read more >>

Out of the Drain

The neighborhood of Lasalle came together last spring when cries where heard coming from a storm drain. One of the residents called Wild Kritters to investigate. When our volunteers got . . . Read more >>


From the President

When it comes to animals, we all have a soft spot - we all want to help those that appear orphaned. Our first human reaction is to say "Quick, I must save them".
But sometimes, our first reaction is not often the best.

It is the beginning of baby season and we urge you to leave the animals alone. CALL FOR HELP BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING! Yes, we are busy but we will get back to you as soon as we can. If we don't get back to you fast enough, KEEP CALLING, or call another one of our members. Just DO NOT TOUCH any wildlife until you get professional advise.

We must learn to co-exist with mother nature and her creatures. Their reason for being here on earth is not our decision; it is the Man above who decided they should be here. If you are an NCO and trap an animal, please check for babies before you get rid of the Mom. Go back and look for the babies before releasing her and release them together, as a family. Believe it or not, this is how most of the racoons come to us. Well meaning people trap and release the mother and then find the babies later. If they do not find them the babies die a slow painful death.

We are here to help -- PLEASE USE US!




Thank you so much for taking the time to care!

Kathleen Britton,

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