Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is Wild Kritters and what do you do?
Answer: Wild Kritters is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization of licensed volunteers. We rescue and rehabilitate injured & orphaned native wildlife. We do not get paid for what we do, we do it because we love it!

Question: Do you deal with domestic or exotic animals?
Answer: As a general rule, no. However, we are always willing to help where needed.

Question: How do I know if an animal has rabies?
Answer: In New York, there are three animals classified as a "Rabies Vector Species" (RVS)-- these are: Skunks, Bats, and Raccoons. If you see one of these animals acting unusual, such as, stumbling as though it were drunk, looking lost, wandering around in broad daylight, foaming at the mouth or acting aggressive...KEEP AWAY! Make sure children and pets cannot come into contact with it. (wandering around in broad daylight is not always a sign of rabies especially during the spring as that is baby season and they may just be searching for food, but exercise caution)

Question: Who at Wild Kritters can handle Rabies Vector Species?
Answer: Currently, only Kathleen (716-316-9657) and Lori (716-998-8821) can handle RVS as they require special permits. Please contact one of them with any issues with Skunks or Bats.

If they do not answer, call your local health department, nuisance control officer, or non-emergency police line.

If you have a question or concern about a raccoon in Niagara County, please contact your local DEC officers, especially if you suspect that the animal may have rabies or distemper.

ECO Shea Mathis | 716-220-6860
ECO George Scheer | 716-377-2448
ECO Joshua Wolgast | 716-243-9038
ECO Kevin Holze | 585-369-6285

Question: I have an animal in my yard but it appears healthy, I just don't want it there. Can you remove it?
Answer: Sorry, we do not remove wildlife that isn't injured, orphaned or in any form of distress. Please do your best to understand that animals belong outside and we have to share our world with them. If you find you still think you need assistance, please feel free to call for advice or info on nuisance wildlife officers we suggest.

Robert McCollum | 716-308-8336

Question: Should I attempt to rehabilitate or help orphaned or injured wildlife myself?
Answer: No, do not attempt to take care of wildlife yourself. ONLY Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators are legally allowed to care for wildlife in New York State. We are trained and have supplies & resources on hand like professional veterinarians to aid us with medical emergencies, as well as classes and years of experience combined under our belts. The best help you can give the animal is to get it to us, as soon as possible.

Question: Can I get involved and help wildlife?
Answer: Yes, we are always looking for more wildlife volunteerrs. Click here to learn how to become a licensed rehabilitator.

Question: Can we make a donation?
Answer: Yes, we appreciate any and all donations to help fund our care for the animals. All donations are tax deductible. Please send checks or money orders to:

Wild Kritters
3300 Saunders Settlement Rd
Sanborn, NY 14132.

To learn more about what donations we need or to make your donation online, Click Here

Question: Can you do a presentation at my school/work/organization?
Answer: We may be able to! Please contact us for more information.

Question: Where do you get your animals for program shows?
Answer: All the animals we use for presentations are deemed non-releasable by a professional veterinarian. That means they have suffered an injury that would prevent them from surviving on their own in the wild, and they go under our care on possession permits to live comfortably and help us educate the public.

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