Stories of Rescue, Rehab & Release

Below you'll find stories of courage, bravery, kindness and love to help injured, orphaned or abandoned wildlife.

We take great pride in our rescue efforts and enjoy the stories of success that come from it. Each of our members volunteer their time to answer the call when an animal is in disarray. We work together to ensure that every animal gets an opportunity to recover from their injuries within a safe, secure and friendly environment.

We hope you enjoy these stories as much as we do and we look forward to many more in the future.

The Snowy TundraThe Snowy Tundra

Early one December morning I received a call to a farmer's cow pasture for a snowy owl laying on its side. I brought him to the vet where X-rays were done and showed a fracture in his right humeral head (shoulder).


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On Call with a RehabberOn Call with a Rehabber

I received an early morning call from Niagara County Dispatch, requesting my assistance with an injured owl on Route 104 in Lewiston. Upon arrival, I was met by several Lewiston Police officers who pointed out a large, male, great-horned owl under a pine tree, in distress with an apparent broken wing.


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New Rehabbers - Part 1 RehabberNew Rehabbers - Part 1

We got to their home shortly after 2p.m. and it was perfect timing! All the babies were hungry, so Niamh started with a tiny syringe of squirrel formula and fed the one squirrel who remains in the house for close supervision.


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New Rehabbers - Part 2New Rehabbers - Part 2

Being brand new to wildlife rehabilitation, my daughter, Niamh and I, started caring for three little Starlings from a brood of five on Friday, May 11th, 2012 – Larry, Curly and Moe. By Sunday, Niamh decided to change Curly’s name to Charlie and Larry’s to Tiny.


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Saving MacGyverRed Hawk Down

A retired detective had found the female red tail injured in the field, unable to fly. A flurry of phone calls came into Wild Kritters – other rehabbers, Sheriff Department and concerned residents – all looking for someone to help the injured bird.


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Walmart SeagullsWalmart Seagulls

No matter how one might feel about adult seagulls – “wind rats”, “dumpster chickens”, “french fry thieves” – when it comes to the helpless, the babies, you can’t help but get emotional and get involved. This rescue would not have been as successful without the combined efforts of AWARE and others.


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Gladys Knight and the PipsGladys Knight and the Pips

We got the call Thursday evening that a new brood of baby Starlings were ready for us. So, Friday morning, after breakfast, we headed out to collect our new babies. At Brenda's farm, we were able to say hello to all of the hens and roosters again and Charlie and Princess.


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Icy RescueIcy Rescue

Kathleen Godwin was enjoying an unexpected Friday morning off at her Ransomville waterfront home when she glanced out the window and noticed what appeared to be duck, frozen in the packed, chunky ice on Lake Ontario.


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Unexpected VisitorOut of the Drain

The neighborhood of Lasalle came together last spring when cries where heard coming from a storm drain. One of the residents called Wild Kritters to investigate. When our volunteers got to the location, they, too, heard the cries – the cries of baby raccoons.


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Tangled SeagullTangled Seagull

A wildlife rescuer went out on a limb to save a sea gull that had gotten tangled in a fallen tree at Hyde Park Lake in Niagara Falls on Friday evening. Shortly before 8 p.m., the Niagara Falls police got a call about the bird. “It was somebody in the park,” said Linda Clark, who answered the 911 call.


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Unexpected VisitorUnexpected Visitor

It was another cold day in January when the phone rang. There was a nice lady on the other end explaining that she thought she had a squirrel trapped in the vent going into her hot water heater. She went on to explain that this has happened before.


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