Meet Our Volunteers

Wild Kritters Board Member: President / Founder
Licenses: Class II Wildlife Rehabilitator, Federal Wildlife, RVS Certified, Oil Spill Certification

Kathleen spends tireless hours tending to wildlife. She has devoted her life to the cause and does everything within her power to eliminate their suffering. She will not let anything stand in her way of this mission. She also spends a lot of time delivering educational presentations for Wild Kritters. She is truly an inspiration to all of us!

Thank you Kathleen for your dedication to making such a huge difference in the lives of so many animals that, unfortunately, so many people simply disregard.

Wild Kritters Board Member: Vice President
Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator, Federal Wildlife

Shelli has been dedicated to Wild Kritters now for several years. She spearheads the basket raffle every year, making sure that the baskets are assembled correctly from each donator. She developed the Wild Kritters newsletter and continues to compile stories and articles for each issue; ensuring new and fresh content is always available for our readers. She fosters two screech owls, Hoot Deanie and Little Dude, both of which are program birds for Wild Kritters. She’s done many late night rescues and has proven to be an asset to the Wild Kritters organization.

Wild Kritters Board Member: Secretary
Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator

Matt became a wildlife rehabilitator a few years ago with a passion to help the less fortunate. Since joining the Wild Kritters team, he has helped many ducks including a group of 12 mallards that we hatched from eggs in an incubator. He raised them for 4-6 weeks before releasing them on a private pond in Youngstown. He has since been developing a habitat on his property to care for more ducks and other wildlife as well. Here at Wild Kritters we lovingly refer to him as our resident "Duckman". His passion and devotion to caring for our feathered friends is impressive and we couldn't be happier that he is a part of the Wild Kritters family.

Wild Kritters Board Member: Treasurer
Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator, Oil Spill Certification

Pam has spent many years helping countless animals in need. Everything from domestic animals to wildlife, she goes the extra mile to do whatever is necessary to improve the lives of the animals. She is very skilled in herbal medication and natural remedies for animals and adds great value to the Wild Kritters organization.

Wild Kritters Board Member: Social Media Manager
Licenses: Class II Wildlife Rehabilitator, Licensed Veterinarian Technician (LVT)

Brenda has been helping animals since she was a little girl. She would find homeless cats and dogs and get donations from the neighborhood to help feed them and find them good homes. She then worked as a Vet Tech for over 20 years, primarily with domestic animals. Her love for animals drew her into wanting to help wildlife just as she had done for domestics. She has also taken a leading role in promoting Wild Kritters and building our volunteers so we can take care of more animals.

Wild Kritters Board Member: Historian
Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator, Federal Wildlife

Lori has rescued numerous animals from all over Niagara County and beyond. She is our groups "MacGyver", coming up with "how to get the animals out" of those places we can't get into. No task is too big for Lori! She can always figure out a way to make the rescue happen, either by her or by one of our other members. She also spends a lot of time delivering educational presentations for Wild Kritters educating the community about wildlife.

Wild Kritters Board Member: Sunshine Lady
Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator, Federal Wildlife,

Peggy is a kind, caring soul who treats every animal she rescues as one of her children. An animal in need would be blessed to end up in her care. She has raised everything from day-old songbirds to large birds of prey to small and large mammals. She has taken care of Bart, a Wild Kritters Program Animal, for 10+ years. She also spends a lot of time delivering educational presentations for Wild Kritters.

Wild Kritters Board Member: Members Advocate
Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator

Jim has always been fond of wildlife since he was young. After getting his license and joining our team at Wild Kritters, he has proven to be extremely reliable and someone we can count on to call when help is needed. He has gone out of his way many times to help animals in many different situations. He is very skilled in woodworking and has used his skills to help build cages for Wild Kritters. Jim currently takes care of Junior the mink, one of our program animals and has plans to foster birds of prey on his property as well.

Wild Kritters Webmaster
Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator | Webmaster

Shawn has assisted his wife Brenda with Wildlife for well over 3 years. He now has his state license and has proven his commitment by doing whatever it takes to rescue any animal in distress. The funny thing is he grew up eating rabbits and squirrels as a kid, and now he can be found feeding them with a syringe and releasing them back into the wild. He is our group webmaster and has taken an assertive role in helping Wild Kritters with his organizational skills and business background.

Al & KathyAl & Kathy
Licenses: State & Federal Class 2 Rehabilitator

Al has been with Wild Kritters since 2014 and has found that rescuing and caring for animals fulfills him. He has constructed his own aviary and holding cages where he shelters many pigeons, mourning doves, partridges and chukars. He is often called upon to use his net casting skills in more difficult captures, and also handles the heart-breaking task of euthanasia when the only way to help an injured animal is to end its suffering. Al is committed to the rescue and healing of all of God’s creatures.

Besides providing moral support, Al’s wife, Kathy often accompanies him on calls, jokingly referring to herself as “the ride-along”, but trying to help when she can. She is a self-published writer of three novels and the latest one, “Saving Grace – A Story of Rescue and Healing” is a love story about a female animal rehabber and is available on Amazon.

Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator

Brandi has been an animal lover her entire life. She has horses, chickens and sometimes a pig or a goat might be found out at her place. She has fostered many animals on her property, having flight cages and lots of space to accommodate almost any animal that may come along. She goes out of her way to rescue animals and treats them all as though they're family. She's been helping Wild Kritters for several years now and is always up for the challenge. We are truly grateful that she is a part of our family.

Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator

Kathy has always had a connection with animals. As a little girl, she filled her days with caring for animals of all types. She joined Wild Kritters with only a desire to help animals that needed a little human intervention to have a second chance. Since then, she has been instrumental in the rescue and rehabilitation of many animals, although her favorite is still the irresistible raccoon. Kathy has also taken a leading role in developing “Wildlife Recovery: Working with Others”, an educational program designed to encourage those recovering from substance abuse. Kathy is a true leader of the Wild Kritters family.

Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator

Dave has been saving animals since he was a small boy growing up in Lewiston. In fact, his childhood neighbors were not at all surprised when he decided to become the Lewiston dog warden. On top of that full time job, he rescues orphaned and injured wildlife in his free time. As a member of Wild Kritters, Dave is committed to serving our local wildlife by any means necessary. He is also very passionate about reptiles and all things cold-blooded, but you would never know it coming from such a warm-hearted animal rehabber.

Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator, Falconry

Bill joined the Wild Kritters group after we released a bird of prey on his property. He really got excited when he realized that he could join us in our efforts to help wildlife, especially birds of prey. He has since built a flight cage on his property and is practicing Falconry. He fosters MacGyver, a red tail hawk, one of our program birds at his house and will foster others when the need arises. His construction background and abilities with building large caging is also a big help to the group. He has also participated in many educational events around the county, helping us teach the community about native wildlife.

Licenses: Class I Wildlife Rehabilitator

Suzi has been caring for animals, both domestic and wildlife, for many years. She was part of Greyhound Rescue before joining our family here at Wild Kritters. She now has an interesting maze built inside her home that runs through several rooms. It's an awesome way for her squirrels to run though the house and still be out of harms way while being raised. We are very blessed in many ways to have her as a member of Wild Kritters.

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