The Snowy Tundra

The Snowy TundraEarly one December morning I received a call to a farmer's cow pasture for a snowy owl laying on its side.

A sheriff and DEC officer met me there. We had the farmer turn the electric fence off so that we could get in the field.

We were easily able to throw a blanket over the owl and catch him.

He had no obvious wounds but it was clear he could not fly. I brought him to the vet where X-rays were done and showed a fracture in his right humeral head (shoulder).

We contacted the Dr Hopf at Janet L. Swanson Cornell University wildlife hospital and she agreed to do this tedious surgery.

So off I went for the 3-hour ride to get this beautiful owl the help he needed.

His surgery was successful. He had a pin and some other hardware put in which will come out once healed, and he is still there healing.

The Snowy Tundra 2

Our goal is and always has been that he heal properly and be released back into the wild.

Snowy owls are just starting to appear in our area from the Canadian Artic and Alaska for their Migrational Period. Also, they Mate for Life.

Thank you to Dr Wade and Dr Hopf for your prompt attention and consideration for this Beautiful Bird of Prey.

We will keep you posted as to Tundra's (I named him) progress.


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